Road-rail 8-t dump truck
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Road-rail 8-t dump truck MD080-2

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The largest class road-rail dump truck

  • The highest loading capacity among road-rail dump trucks.
  • Provided with drop side gate body suitable for transportation and spreading of ballast.
  • Provided with an emergency engine unit, which ensures running even in case of trouble with the main engine.
  • Applicable to standard gauge (1,435 mm) and narrow gauge (1,067 mm)
    * Changeable to other gauges.
  • All models are provided with back monitors.
Road-rail 8-t dump truck
Road-rail 8-t dump truck
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Major dimensions
Major dimensions
Principal specifications
Item MD080-2
Base vehicle Isuzu Model KC-CVR80F2 W/B 3700 mm
Body specifications Square bottom three-side tipper truck
Weight of vehicle (kg) 10,230
Max. loading capacity (kg) 5,000
Total weight of vehicle (kg) 15,340
Riding capacity (persons) 2
Fuel tank (L) 200
Overall length (mm) 7,040
Overall width (mm)


Overall height (in normal state) (mm) 3,122
Overall height (on track) (mm) 3,342
Overall height (in elevated state) (mm) 4,200
Wheel base (mm) 3,730
Tread (front) (mm) 2,065
Tread (rear) (mm) 1,850
Min. road clearance (mm) 225
Internal length of loading platform (mm) 4,000
Internal width of loading platform (mm) 2,240
Internal height of loading platform (mm) 400
Loading height (mm) 1,400
Min. turning radius (mm) 6,100
Track running performance
Max. speed (km/h) 1st gear: 15 km/hr 2nd gear: 30 km/hr
Max. gradient at which vehicle can start 40/1,000
Counterbalance braking distance (m) In fine weather: 18 m  In wet weather: 25 m
Braking distance (m) In fine weather: 10 m  In wet weather: 14 m
Major units
Item MD080-2
Model Isuzu Model 8PEI-S
Type 4-cycle water-cooled inline direct injection type
Total displacement (cc) 15,201
Max. output (PS/rpm) 285/2,300
Max. torque (kg•m/rpm) 102/1,400
Hydraulic unit
Type and quantity of hydraulic pumps Triple gear pump
Hydraulic pump discharge (L/min) 113.3×2+28.3
Max. set pressure (kgf/cm2) 210
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) 200
Operation method Solenoid valve
Track running equipment
Wheel Diameter: 460mmWidth: 125mm, wheel back to back gauge: 990mm (narrow gauge), 1,360mm (standard gauge), 4 insulated wheels
Axle 2 axles (diameter 100 mm)
Distance between axles: 3,550mm
Motive power source Hydraulic motor with counterbalance valve
(output 97 kW, torque 1,530 N.m)
Drive Rear axle chain drive system
Brake Hydraulic disc brake for each axle (braking torque: 0.5 t.m) + counterbalance valve for each axle, with parking braking system and escape lash prevention device
Safety devices in track
Emergency engine Air-cooled 4-cycle single cylinder diesel engine (406 cc, 10 ps)
Other safety devices Driving force release clutch, hydraulic motor free valve, Brake release valve, Dump truck height limit,
front and rear lamps, flasher, connecting hole,
coupling rod and back monitor
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