Road-rail 16 tool tie tamper
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Road-rail 16 tool tie tamper MTT1600H

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Maintenance of large-scale track with road-rail vehicle

  • Road-rail vehicle dedicated to tamping provided with 16 tool tie tamper unit.
  • The uniquely developed tie tamper unit ensures working efficiency and effectiveness equivalent to those of tamping machines.
  • It can be mounted on a track by using a crossing, and, therefore, time and labor for forwarding can be saved.
16 Tool Tie Tampers

16 Tool Tie Tampers

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Examples of work
Major dimensions
Major dimensions
Principal specifications
Item MTT1600H
Base vehicle ISUZU U-FTR32FB
Total weight of vehicle (kg) 13,000
Source for track running and working Vehicle engine side: Triple gear pump/Working engine side: Quadruple gear pump
Rated hydraulic pressure (kgf/cm2) 210
Max. discharge (ℓ/min) Vehicle engine side:125 / Working engine side:280
Max. track running speed (km/h) Forwarding: 15 (1st gear) 30 (2nd gear) 40 (3rd gear)/Working: 10
Max. gradient of track 30 / 1,000
Construction method Tamping of sleepers one by one under both rails
Max. tamping depth (mm) Approx. 250 deep from underside of sleeper
Tie tamper vibration frequency (Hz) 30
Tie tamper amplitude (mm) 4.0
Tie tamper squeezing power (kgf) 4,000 (per tooth)
Tamping efficiency (m/h) 250 (single tamping)/150 (double tamping)
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