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Rotating bucket MRB028-1

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Various kinds of works can be performed by installing the rotating bucket to a power shovel.

  • With a power shovel equipped with the bucket, not only excavating work, but also removal and arrangement of materials can be performed by using a clamper.
  • Sleepers can be clamped without being damaged by the unique shape of the clamper end and the clamping force retaining function.
  • The large-capacity rotator is capable of swinging heavy articles and excavating hard ground.
  • Useful in composite work, including removal and assembly of railroad switches.
Rotating bucket MRB028-1
Rotating bucket MRB028-1
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Examples of work
Major dimensions
Major dimensions
Principal specifications
Item MRB028-1
Overall length × width × height (mm) 1,425×600×730
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.1
Clamper end opening length (mm) 425
Max. clamping force at end (N) 31,500
Rotator rotational torque (N•m) 5,000
Max. working hydraulic pressure (kgf/cm2) 210
Applicable heavy equipment 0.25m3 hydraulic shovel
Bucket width (mm) 560
weight (kg) 420
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