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As a professional in track maintenance, we are constantly improving our skills to ensure safe and smooth operation of trains. We intend to make efforts to deal with everything about railway service.
President Touzo Matsui

Corporate philosophy

For the track maintenance work, the highest priority should be safety. Based on this philosophy of railway operation, we will enhance our technologies and skills and improve the quality of our work.

Company profile

Company name MATSUIKIDOU CO., LTD.
Address and telephone number «Head Office»
5-7-3, Kishi-cho, Tondabayashi, Osaka 584-0005
TEL: 0721-25-0146

«Sales Office»
574-1, Moriya, Chihaya Akasaka-mura,
Minami Kawachi-gun, Osaka 585-0044
TEL: 0721-72-1360
Established November 1989
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Major business All construction work related to track maintenance
Design, development and manufacture of equipment
Number of employees 24


Head Office
Sales Office


November 1979 Established as Matsui Kenzai.
Started as a company engaged mainly in general civil engineering works.
1981 Embarked on railway-related construction and renamed Matsuikidou.
Developed road-rail power shovels.
1987 Incorporated as a general contractor, Matsuikidou Co., Ltd., with a capital of 10,000,000 yen.
1991 Developed road-rail 4-t dump trucks.
1993 Developed 16 tool tie tampers capable of traveling both on tracks and roads.
1994 Developed road-rail 8-t dump trucks.
2007 Developed road-rail 10-t freight car.
2010 Developed road-rail 8-t crawler cranes.

Obtained patents

Patent No.4502872 Service vehicle for track and road
Patent No.4096188 Rail holding device and rail installation method by use of rail holding device
Patent No.3978554 Track working machine for tamping
Patent No.3752576 Track working machine
Patent No.3702375 Truck for tamping
Patent No.2688709 Repair method of track bed ballast
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